Book Overview

J. M. Harris encapsulates the life of a young adult, Samaria, through her perilous experiences as a strong-spirited woman who feels she is ready to take on the world until vivid dreams elude her mind. Visions of a single thriving red rose grab her attention as the petals transform into a blackened state and then begin drifting away into turbulent winds.

In reviewing her past, she finds the rose is a haunting representation of her own existence, realizing she is becoming dried from within. Parched, but the waters she drinks leave her thirstier than before. The emergence of dreadful scars appears from her thorny reality as she continually moves forward in life without healing.

Frightened by her drying existence, she runs from yet another failing relationship, but this time she stumbles upon a mysterious abandoned mansion finding Mr. Harrison in a forlorn state, leaving her wondering who this man is and how he knows her troubled past. As her petals flow faster into the winds, he offers her the solution to restore her soul in exchange for her fallen petals. Time is running out as her final petals threaten to fall. Will her decision allow her soul to bloom again or lose her lingering petals, thus becoming a rose no more?